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Living in the fullness 


It speaks of more than making the best of the situation, more than positive thinking

Christ came to give us a full life, but what does that mean?

Purpose means we are not feeling lost and helpless.


The purpose of life is fulfilled when we are in relationship with God, and Christ came for that very purpose restored humanity, as the perfect human and the prefect God as one he came to restored that which was lost.


Many want to see purpose but without knowing what real purpose is. 

The movement of the ‘new atheist’ fell short and people lost faith in them. Relying on science and evolution missing out on the real questions, why are we here?


Missing the understanding that we are more than just a random collection of molecules, but conscious, deeply complex spiritual and moral beings.

Consequently They preached that life had no meaning and purpose and everyone, without an ultimate ideal or judge, could be free to enjoy their lives, deny their created purpose and choose their own moral standards.

Humanity needs an ultimate ideal something other than themselves to look to for purpose, in simple form it becomes hero worship. And foundation of most or our stories and movies.


Trying to deny the existence of an ultimate standard of perfection which becomes a judge, mean that we don’t have something to aim for, yet we know somehow our lives are not all they should be and we know we should Improve our lives and those around us 

Looking to Christ and his kingdom principles as the right way to live for humanity and ultimately being part of the kingdom of God.  

Christ’s aim was to preach and teach that the kingdom of God was not only close at hand, (within our reach) but something that we live in daily and something we are taught to act properly being straightforward and bringing others out of being lost and without hope to understanding the good news of the kingdom of God.


Paul did not teach a different gospel to Christ, he taught how we through the power of the spirit can fulfil this life, firstly through faith in Christ and the. following him.  So confident he was that he was living this kingdom he life said follow me as I follow Christ.


To the church in Rome

Paul wrote I am confident when I come to you I come in the fullness of the blessing of the good news of Christ 

Paul’s advice to Timothy was to live in the kind of confidence that overcomes. Deep down I do be over we want the best life and times we need to overcome. 


First he says to Timothy re kindle the fire and passion of the gift you have been given and to live in the fullness of the calling that Christ has for you life.

Let us not neglect the gifts that we have and use them to benefit the place we have been given.

What have you lost?


Three quick points this morning 

  1. Confident to overcome
  2. Living up to your potential
  3. living as an example

Confidence is not arrogance 

Faith is the confident expectation that good will come to you

Faith is the confidence that if I choose to be a follower of Christ I have the spirit in me of the one who overcomes 

Christ looks to the overcomer not to the one who is lukewarm. In fact he would prefer hot or cold, just not be indifferent.

2 Timothy 

12 The confidence of my calling enables me to overcome every difficulty without shame, for I have an intimate revelation of this God. And my faith in him convinces me that he is more than able to keep all that I’ve placed in his hands safe and secure until the fullness of his appearing.

Having this kind of calling comes from knowing you are a gift from God. This is fruit of a relationship with God

In john 15 Jesus teaches to Remain in me and remain in my love and you will bear fruit. The fruitfulness of our lives comes from our connections.

He even lifts the vine that is dragging down, if you have ever worked on plants and flowers you care for them feed them lift them up.

Christ comes to us when we feeling unfruitful and give us the confidence that we can be all we are supposed to be.


2. living up to your potential.

The word potential comes from the potent meaning power 

Through activating the gift of the spirit of God in you realises the potential in us

What is it that makes us feel weak, what makes us feel like we have missed it. Are we broken to the point we done live up to all that we are supposed to be.


Allowing what Christ says to us empowers us, restores us and heals us

Paul continues to Timothy 

13 Allow the healing words you’ve heard from me to live in you and make them a model for life as your faith and love for the Anointed One grows even more


Entering into to the kingdom of god we begin to have different perspectives and we are governed by different values 

But not able just in our own strength, Discipleship is only possible through the power of the spirit in us 

Not just hearers of the word but putting those words into action. Allowing words to actually live in us makes all the difference.

With all the encouragement, the teaching and experience I have had over years I have had a plethora of knowledge and wisdom, if I only put into practise a tenth of that as a practical application in my life.


How many times have we heard things like be kind, love one another etc yet when our buttons are pushed we lash out in anger and frustration.  

Or heard God is for us who can be against us, yet we rationalise these things and even dismiss them, we have heard that when we gather together, Christ is here with us, yet we act so times in a way that god not there and god doesn’t care.

Yet we are able to live in a way that brings us up to our full potential 

We come into relationship with this power sharing God, who enables us to live the way he purposes for us 

A life in Christ of in us, and us in Christ.


Having the same mind and attitude that Christ had, knowing we can do all things through Christ who gives me strength, as Christ told us to trust in him.

Maybe our mindsets need to be changed, that’s a repentance a change of heart and mind.

Do we need to re calibrate our relationship with God, realise that we are indeed children and co heirs 

We are Predestined to become like him

The dividing barrier is erased in the kingdom of God as we reflect the kingdom of god to the world around

if we have someone in our lives we love and we see they have potential we often try to encourage them to blossom into the fullness of said potential.

perspective matters. if we see ourselves as ones we love and care for and see ourselves as ones with more potential we have an aim a purpose a calling something we can walk into

Scripture come to mind I have called you by name, child you are mine, now live up to that expectation that you can be more than just who you are.


3. live right as an example to pass onto others.

Paul continues to Timothy 

14 Guard well this incomparable treasure by the Spirit of Holiness living within you.

Living a holy life is a life separate from the worlds way of thinking 

To Walk worthy of the calling.

how is your walk?

Are we walking by faith In the son of God who love me and gave himself for me

Are we walking in the light of the knowledge and glory of God,

What are we doing with the knowledge of God what are we doing with the glory of God

Are we walking in the spirit, not our flesh

We controlled by a human desires are we controlled by the spirit of holiness within us

Are we walking tall, Not in pride but as children and heirs of the promises of God.

Do we know the promise that God has for us that we know the life that he’s given us that we know what it means to be his hands his feet his body his representatives.


What does our walk tell the world what God is like

Are we Walking with God? Living moving and have our entire being in Christ 

This is the new humanity living in community, loving one another lifting those who are falling.

Human existence then realises the oneness we have 

Living by faith in the power of the spirit  


As people of God’s kingdom we take on the Christ like embodiment and bring this hope of the kingdom around us,

Then we take on the great commission to the world bless bring heaven kingdom to earth, by Being an example on how we live.

2 Tim 2 1-2

live your life empowered by God’s free-flowing grace, which is your true strength, found in the anointing of Jesus and your union with him! 2 And all that you’ve learned from me, confirmed by the integrity of my life, pass on to faithful leaders who are competent to teach the congregations the same revelation.

  1. Confident to overcome
  2. Living up to your potential
  3. Living as an example

Close with this thought on giving hope to others

One man who built a life on giving hope to others was billy Graham 

Years ago when The Billy Graham Crusade came to London and Churchill, then the prime minister invited Graham to meet with him. When Graham arrived the secretary reminded him that the Prime Minister had only 20 minutes. When Billy walked in, Churchill motioned with an unlit cigar for him to sit down and then congratulated him on the huge crowds the crusade had been drawing,

“I daresay that if I brought Marilyn Monroe over here and she and I together went to Wembley, we couldn’t fill it. … What is it that fills [it] night after night?”

“I think it’s the gospel of Christ,” Graham replied.


“I’ll tell you,” Churchill said, “I see no hope for the world. I am a man without hope. Do you have any real hope?”


“Are you without hope for your own soul’s salvation?” Graham asked him.

“Frankly, I think about that a great deal,” was Churchill’s reply.


Telling the story later Graham said, “I had my New Testament with me. Knowing that we had but a few minutes left, I immediately explained the way of salvation. I watched carefully for signs of irritation or offense, but he seemed receptive, if not enthusiastic. I also talked about God’s plan for the future, including the return of Christ. His eyes seemed to light up at the prospect.”


When the Duke of Windsor arrived for luncheon, Churchill growled, “Let him wait,” and told Graham to keep going.


He went on for another 15 minutes and then prayed for the great difficulties Churchill faced every day. He also affirmed that God was the only hope for the world and for us individually.


Churchill thanked Billy, and as they shook hands, he asked that the conversation be kept private. So Graham didn’t tell the story until Churchill passed away.


Maybe his heart was opened to greater hope once he saw that the famous message of “never, never, never give up” didn’t saved the world. Only Christ can do that

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