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Mark 11:22-23 (Greek actually says “have faith from God!!”)

Reminder of Thip, Werrington and L’s husband

Brainstorm miracles


Faith – facts

  • God’s Divine persuasion, spark, added to human belief. It is more than belief, because even the demons believe and tremble James 2:19
  • Guarantee, God’s warranty guarantees the fulfilment of the promise He has birthed in us. NB with every problem, there is a promise and provision
  • The divine spark of Faith is always received from God, and not generated by us. Romans 12:3 God has allotted to each of us a measure of faith.
  • Jesus helps our faith Mark 9:23,24 “If you believe, all things are possible.” “Lord I believe, help my unbelief!” – and Jesus healed the son!!
  • Faith as a fruit of the Spirit and as a gift of the Spirit are the same Greek word, pistis.
  • God gives us the faith to believe for His revealed will, which in itself is a divine revelation. (when you know His will for certain – the divine persuasion – you can believe for it – the divine spark!!) Colossians 1:9
  • Quote from Calvin: Faith is a persuasion from God that we receive as He grants impulse (divine spark!). It is always the work of God and involves hearing His voice …)


Back to Jesus

He knew His Father’s will Luke 4:18,19 and His Father’s power and authority in Him John 14:10.

He knew why He had come:

  • Luke 4:18,19 To preach good news to the poor, 
  • to heal the broken hearted 
  • to open prison doors
  • to open blind eyes
  • to preach the acceptable year of the Lord
  • 1 John 3:8 to destroy the works of the evil one – so He cast out demons and ultimately overcame the devil by His death and resurrection.
  • Mark 10:35 to serve and give His life – so He did (He also knew the Father’s promise that He would rise again Luke 18:33)
  • Luke 19:10 to seek and save the lost
  • Acts 10:38 to go around doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil.


Notice how in Luke 4:18 and Acts 10:38 we read HOW Jesus did these things – the anointing of the Holy Spirit. 

And we have the same Spirit Romans 8:11 and with Him we receive the fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22 and the gifts of the Spirit 1 Cor 12:7-11 (including Pistis faith which comes from God!!) to do the same works as and greater works than Jesus John 14:12


Prayer – Jesus spent hours and nights in prayer

How do we have the same faith as Jesus? 

  1. (Exodus 25:8 make me a sanctuary) 

We spend time with God in prayer and in reading the Bible, to get to know Him. But please ask for the Holy Spirit to light up these times with His revelation!!

  1. We ask because it’s a gift and He is the Author of it Hebrews 12:2; This verse tells us that He is also the Finisher, Completer of our faith, so we also ask Him to help us grow in faith. This is our responsibility:
  2. Pray in the Holy Ghost (this is a gift of the Holy Spirit who is given to us!!)
  3. Read and listen to God’s Word the Bible and His rhema word spoken in our spirits Romans 10:17
  4. Practise our faith by acting on it, starting small. 
  5. I think the most important thing is to learn to hear and know God’s voice. When you know God’s voice, you will dare to act on what He says as Jesus and the disciples and Paul did (otherwise, why would Peter have gone fishing for a fish with a coin in its mouth, or let down his nets again after a fruitless night, or walk on stormy waters?). Study this, go on courses, join groups that encourage this. If you want to do this, tell me, and I’ll run a little group


Jesus lived the life of supernatural faith to do miracles, speak with God’s authority and glorify the Father John 17:4. 

We can have the same faith that He had and the same Holy Spirit that He had to continue His work on the earth John 20:21-22 As the Father has sent Me, so I send you, and then He breathed the Holy Spirit on them. 

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