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The Holy Spirit and the Word


1. Review reliability of HS, fulfils what is spoken of Him – in
life of Jesus (HS1), disciples (HS2) and us (Tuesday nights
and small groups)

2. Intro and prayer 2 Sam 23:2 Explain RUACH

3. The power of the Spirit released when the Word is
spoken …

by God - Gen 1:2-3. Psalm 33:9 For He spoke and it was

(creation Job 33:4 the Spirit of God has made me
and His breath has given me life

Psalm 104:30 you send forth your Spirit, they are


By prophets - Ezekiel 37, dry bones; Jehoshaphat 2
Chron 20:14-24 Jahaziel

By Jesus – Nobleman’s son John 4:46-54, Lazarus John

By the disciples – silver and gold Acts 3; Paul and demon
possessed girl Acts 16:18

By those who came to Jesus – Jairus

4. Who is listening? Who is affected by our words?

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit Isaiah 65:24 Before they


The angels Isaiah 37:36 185K; Psalm 103:20-21


The devil demon possessed boy Mark 9:14-27


Other people Twelve spies Numbers 13:31- 14:1

YOU issue of blood Mark 5:25-30 – you can change
this right now! APPLICATION!!

5. Application

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