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Study Series: The Seven Great Claims of Jesus – Resurrection and the Life
Wednesday 1st July

Study Series: Gospel of John – The Seven Great Claims of Jesus
Study 5 – I am the Resurrection and the Life


So, welcome to our fifth study in the series on the great ‘I AM’ claims of Jesus. This week we
look at the claim of Jesus found in John 11:25 – ‘I am the resurrection and the life.’

When we look at this claim of Jesus, the thing I particularly like about it is that Jesus backs
up His claim with action. It is easy for any of us to make a claim: “I am the best footballer in
the world”; ”I am the best chef in the world” and so on. Yet, words come easy. The test
comes when someone says “prove it.”

Well, Jesus says these words to Martha, the sister of Lazarus. And within twenty verses
Lazarus had been raised from the dead, the one who was, is and always will be the
resurrection and the life had brought just that to Lazarus. Resurrection from the dead and
the God kind of abundant life.

Lazarus is not only dead, he has been dead for four days. Sealed away in the tomb, his body
already decaying. Death surrounded by death. Yet when the resurrection and the life speaks
the word, the grave and death must let go.

Also note the imperative I AM again here. We know how this statement declares Jesus to be
the one and same I AM God who revealed Himself to Moses. But also notice how this, and
the other truths Jesus declares about Himself are always I AM, never just I was or I will be.
Martha said that she knew her brother would rise in the resurrection of the dead, at some
point in the future. That Jesus would be the resurrection and the life. But Jesus always is the
resurrection and the life. The I am. That is true in the physical sense here where Lazarus is
raised. It is also true, perhaps far more importantly, in the spiritual sense. When you gave
your life to Jesus you became a new creation. Old things passed away and all things became
new. You were ‘resurrected’ by Him to new creation, Zoe life, new life in all its fullness, all
its abundance.

Not only that, but believe that Jesus, the I am the resurrection and the life, speaks into your
circumstances, your life, your situation. He can bring resurrection and life to those things,
the hopes, the dreams, which you may have long considered dead.

And there will come a time when you will put off, as Peter says in 2 Peter 1:14, this tent, this
mortal body and receive a new body, incorruptible, eternal, everlasting. As Jesus goes on to
say, “He who believes in Me, though he may die, yet shall he live. And whoever lives and
believes in Me shall never die.



1. Consider what it means to you that Jesus always is (I AM) the resurrection and the life.
Are there situations and circumstances in your life that seem dead, lifeless? Could you invite

the resurrection and the life in to speak new life into them? If you are studying in a group,
ask others to pray for you if this is so.

2. If you are a Christian what does it mean to you that Jesus is the resurrection and the life
now? How has He already raised you to new life (zoe), how is He doing that now, and how
will He do it?

3. If you are not yet a Christian what do you make of what Jesus says here? What does it
mean, do you think, that “Whoever lives and believes in [Him] shall never die?”


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